Hi, I'm Paul, I'm a hacker, video producer, programmer, photographer, stage tech, network engineer, lighting designer, and sound guy. I'm currently working a steady gig in the Seattle area, but am available for consultation and short gigs., the Internet services host I run, is home to dozens of users and their communities, online for over 20 years!

Demo Reel

Take a peek at my demo reel, or view some of the fun projects I've enjoyed working on in my portfolio.

I'm a programming and multimedia hacker: I can get things done creatively & quickly, especially when there are limited resources available. PHP programming with Javascript and CSS with SQL databases. Video shoots and edits, media conversions, and green screen effects. Computer, server, networking hacks: FreeBSD Unix, Office 365, Exchange On-Premises and Online 365. Writing tools in Perl and shell scripts, maintaining MySQL, DNS, Apache, IRC and more. Wireless video and WiFi networking. Stage & video lighting, audio recording, and live mixing. Multi-cam robotic camera shoots live-to-tape. Live video production directing. Electronics device design and programming several Arduino based projects. Video display hardware and content. Live streaming, videoconferencing, and VOIP.

Whatever it takes to get the project done, I'll help to it figure it out and have a solution installed quickly, working properly the first time! I've just recently moved into the Seattle area after working in Las Vegas for the last 16 years.